Reframe: 20th Ave and Roy 1925

July 18th, 2007 @ 12:18 am by Cliffe | Sorted Reframe |
Well folks, sometimes a Reframe just doesn’t work out. You can file this one under blunders. It’s the southwest corner of 20th Ave. and Roy St, looking south, but you probably couldn’t tell from the modern day shot.
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Trees and other vegetation make this one nearly impossible to compare. Oh well, we can still take a closer look at some of the houses captured in the January 27, 1925 photograph. Click on the thumbnails for a closer look, a
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closer look at some completely unnecessary and obvious arrows.
reframe_20th_ave_old.jpg reframe_20th_ave_new.jpg
The streetscape as it appeared on January 27, 1925. Looks as though the road w as dug up due to some piping work. Photograph courtesy Seattle Municipal Archives. The same shot, Reframed. Though it is difficult to tell from the photo, this street has changed little. I will need to revisit the scene in winter when leaves are in short supply.
reframe_20th_ave_house_01.jpg reframe_20th_ave_house_02.jpg
The building materials on this home seem to have stood the rigors of time. In fact, the house as a whole looks very well kept. A classic early 1900′s bungalow. Most of the architectural details remain unchanged, though it does look like the brick has been painted over. Notice the decorative vertical and horizontal supports.

2 Responses to “Reframe: 20th Ave and Roy 1925”

  1. Holly says:

    I love your reframe posts! The first time I saw an old photo of my neighborhood (Montlake), I was shocked at the lack of trees. Then someone explained to me that Yesler had clearcut most of this side of Seattle, then the developers came in and sold lots for people to build houses, or in some cases, built houses themselves.

    There is a photo in the municipal archives taken from the corner of 25th and Calhoun looking west toward the Montlake School which is three blocks away. Now, if you stand on that corner, you can’t see the school for all the trees.

  2. Cliffe says:

    Hey Holly,

    Glad you like the feature, though this one was more telling of greenery than the buildings. Feel free to submit photos of 25th and Calhoun that you’d mentioned, I’m sure everyone would love to see the changes.


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