For Sale: West Seattle Painted Lady Pt. 1

December 4th, 2007 @ 1:47 am by Cliffe | Sorted Historic Buildings |
“Wow!” That’s what I found myself muttering over and over when I first toured the historic Victorian Painted Lady for sale at 1603 45th Ave SW in West Seattle. This is probably the most impressive property I’ve photographed for Vintage Seattle, so I am very happy to share it. In fact, there’s so much to see that I’ve once again split this feature into two parts. For Part 1, we will consider the exterior for Part 2 concentrate on the interior. This historic West Seattle Victorian was built in 1891 and is thought to be one of the oldest homes in the area. The property is downright sprawling — with over 4,000 square feet inside and almost 10,000 square feet to the lot. Once again, it is for sale right now for $1,499,000. So if you are looking to keep up a piece of Seattle History, this is a nice opportunity.
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Again, be sure to check out for Part 2 of this feature where we explore more of the home’s history. I want to thank Kurt Metzger of Windermere Real Estate for taking me through the home. Well, enough of my claptrap — on with the photos.
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Click on the images to see full-res versions.
1603_45th_pt01_01.jpg 1603_45th_pt01_02.jpg
The front face of the home is dramatic and beautiful. Right away, the eye is caught by the stained glass windows, gingerbread decorations, and arresting round tower. A view of the corner lot from the 45th Ave SW and SW Seattle St intersection. Note the common Queen Anne style one-over-one double-hung sash, foliate brackets, and a fascia board above the recessed entry.
1603_45th_pt01_03.jpg 1603_45th_pt01_04.jpg
Bringing the light post into focus in front of the property, 1603 45th Ave SW. A side view of the home shows well manicured shrubs surrounding the property.
1603_45th_pt01_05.jpg 1603_45th_pt01_06.jpg
The opposite side of the home is the least detailed. Moving back around to the front of the property brings us back to the entry.
1603_45th_pt01_07.jpg 1603_45th_pt01_08.jpg
Showing the back face of the home. Just opposite this view is the 2-car garage and rose garden. Close-up of the round tower with wooden finial. Notice the intricate shingle pattern design.
1603_45th_pt01_09.jpg 1603_45th_pt01_10.jpg
Sweeping to the left reveals the gable with supporting decorative brackets. Moving toward the back of the house to reveal the 2nd floor balcony.
1603_45th_pt01_11.jpg 1603_45th_pt01_12.jpg
Yet more detail millwork under the balcony with carved panels. Close-up view of the balcony balustrade with beveled posts.
1603_45th_pt01_13.jpg 1603_45th_pt01_14.jpg
This type of carved, stylized sunburst motif was common on Queen Anne style homes. The front entry shows more scroll-sawn brackets and supports.

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