Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co. 1900

February 7th, 2008 @ 1:09 am by Cliffe | Sorted Vintage Ads |
Along the lines of the Hallidie Machinery Co ad I posted in December comes this vintage 1900 ad from the Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Company of Seattle. In addition to the usual hardcore equipment listing, the ad has a fun little diagram of a typical mining operation in Alaska.
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Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co. Seattle, Washington. Mining In Alaska. General Agents For Ingersoll Drills and Compressors, Snow Duplex Steam Pumps, Cameron Mine and Sinking Pumps, Pulsometer Steam Pumps, Ottumwa Mine Hoists, Herules Gasoline Engines, Phoenix and Double Diamond Steam Hose, Belting, Packing, Oils, etc. Manufacturers of Automatic Hoists and Conveyers, Steam Thawing Points and Boilers, Klondike Saw Mills, Engines and Boilers. Dealers in Wire Rope, Drill Steel, Shafting, Oar Cars and Buckets, Ore Crushers. We carry a large stock and can make prompt shipments. The Argus, 1900.

8 Responses to “Mitchell, Lewis & Staver Co. 1900”

  1. Thanks for this. I’ve been in the market for a Pulsometer Steam Pump but just couldn’t decide which store to buy it from. Problem solved!

  2. didi says:

    I think my co-workers think I am insane for laughing at Shipley’s comment.

  3. Cliffe says:

    Didi, I just had the same thing happen. I’m at work and I was sitting here giggling and I had to stop myself because the person in the next office could hear me. Ahem. Good thing I wasn’t drinking soda.


  4. I’m glad to cause the giggles though I thought about writing something else, that is that “Double Diamond Steam Hose” sort of sounds like it could be the title of a mining-themed porno.

  5. Didi says:

    A mining themed porno, hunh? Dirty!

    But I like it!

  6. ss says:

    have a vintage Michelle, lewis & staver co steam winch, from early 1900, was wondering the value? still has compresion, turns over fine and apears in good working condition.

  7. Laughing and it took all these years to figure out where they actually bought all this stuff from, and now where to buy the leather straps for the suspensions, wiping the tears away from laughing, to think my genealogies to these lewis, and mitchell, I am direct descendant to those that migrated to Australia, and the when back to new york, and england, big enterprises, I am here in Gold Coast relics are impressive here in Queensland worth preserving, but rogue developers are destroying the heritage tourism, contact me if you can save all this.

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