Get Out And Get Under 1942

June 2nd, 2008 @ 12:50 am by Cliffe | Sorted School Days |
After months of neglect, a thick layer of dust has settled on the School Days section here at th’ Org. It’s so thick I can write my name in it (that was always my mother’s metric for when it was time to dust). Clearing the dust is this World War II era (Pearl Harbor was a little over a year prior) snippet from the Garfield High School yearbook showing kids huddled under desks during air raid drills.
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“Get out and get under” reads the headline.
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Sixty-six years later the photo remains unsettling.
“Get Out And Get Under.” Garfield High School Yearbook “Arrow,” Seattle, Washington, 1942.
“Air Raid Drill Style.” Garfield High School Yearbook “Arrow,” Seattle, Washington, 1942.

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  1. didi says:

    This is a great find. I love Cold War artifacts.

  2. Jerez says:

    Love this..great idea for a blog… glad you thought of it!
    I remember these days of desk hiding, wondering what it was all about..

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