Towne Centre Motel 1962

June 17th, 2008 @ 1:03 am by Cliffe | Sorted Vintage Ads |
Last month’s City Center Motel post had John Methot wondering if the Towne Centre Motel was what we know today as the Kings Inn Motel. Not only was John right, but the 1962 “Beautiful Seattle Offers A Plus Convention” pamphlet also contained an ad for the Towne Centre. Here it is.
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They both had “courtesy and consideration to the commercial traveler” and “sparkle-clean housekeeping,” but the “center” vs “centre” should tell you which was slightly more snooty. Speaking of ads, you may have noticed the Google ads to the right.
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This is a test to see if I can offset some material acquisition costs. At the current rate I should have everything paid off in 7 or 8 years.
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In other words, you may see those ads disappear quite soon. It’s not worth the bother and really, I kind of loathe website ads. Regardless, check out the Towne Centre.
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Towne Centre Motel. 2106 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, Washington. Two blocks from Frederick & Nelson and three blocks from Bon Marche, the Caravan Towne Centre Motel is considered the best located in Seattle. This new,  completely modern motel has all the regular features plus many extras to make your Seattle visit most pleasant. From “Beautiful Seattle Offers A Plus Convention,” Seattle Chamber of Commerce, 1962.

4 Responses to “Towne Centre Motel 1962”

  1. John Methot says:

    The big MOTEL sign on the roof is still on the building today. I don’t think the neon works any more, and the letters have been painted red. The sign faces the empty lot where the UA cinemas used to be.

  2. Jonathan S says:

    I honestly don’t stay in any hotel that doesn’t have colored tile combination tub showers. Seriously, why put myself through that kind of misery?

  3. didi says:

    I don’t know why, Jonathon. Personally I would NOT put myself through the misery of going to a hotel that does not offer AAA at least.

  4. Jonathan S says:

    I MIGHT go to Towne Center because they don’t lie with their pricing. They offer simply “moderate rates.” That’s honest and I appreciate that.

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