More Teachers’ Dirty Looks

August 25th, 2008 @ 1:22 am by Cliffe | Sorted School Days |
Back to school… already? Yep it’ s almo
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Here’s a shot of Education Hall from the 1934 edition of The Argus.This neo-gothic building
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went up in 1922 and is now known as Miller Hall. The photo has a nice dream-like quality, rather unlike the nightmare-like quality I recall from the first day of school.
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Click on the image for full resoluti
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Education Hall. An old world perspective of a modern University building. Many beautiful new structures have been added to the University of Washington campus in the past few years. The Argus, 1934.

4 Responses to “More Teachers’ Dirty Looks”

  1. striatic says:

    it is a very beautiful photograph.

    also, it makes me wonder whatever happened to The Argus.

  2. Benjamin Lukoff says:

    Died in 1983, apparently.

  3. Benjamin Lukoff says:

    Eek, my URL got eaten. Try this:

    Here’s the front page of the 8/17/1907 issue:

  4. The gentleman seems to have just touched, tipped or even doffed his hat in acknowledgment of the ladies. A quaint anachronism captured for all time.

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