Seattle World’s Fair Stimulus Package 1962

February 11th, 2009 @ 12:05 am by Cliffe | Sorted Photo Exposure |
It’s shaping up to be an interesting week full of reader submissions.
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The Seattle, Where Was I Taken mystery seems to be solved. It made the rounds across the USA and ended up on San Francisco’ s Market Street.
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Today Vintage Seattle reader Paul writes in with some titillating pamphlet scans from the ’62 World’s Fair adult entertainment area “A Night in Paradise.” You can download the full 12meg .pdf file here. Please note that these include mature content and may not be safe for work. Take it away, Paul:
I like your website. I also share a fascination with the Seattle World’s Fair.

Recently, a friend gave me a full color brochure entitled: “Gracie Hansen Presents: Barry Ashton’s “A Night in Paradise”. It was a Burlesque show at the Seattle World’s Fair located on “Show Street”. Show Street was located where the KCTS building is now, I think.

It looks awesome. Given Seattle’s affection for it’s own World’s Fair and Burlesque shows, I think it might be a fun addition to your website. It was billed as a ‘break for dear old dad’ at the Fair. There are Showgirls, fabulous out-of-this-world sets, wacky side show acts and boobies! (You get a quick glimpse of the outside of the building in the video clip “Century 21 Calling”, the sign says it all: “Peep”.)

The article about Gracie Hansen alone is worth it. She moved from Louisiana to the logging town of Morton, WA. I know Morton, WA. Don’t ask.

In Morton, she lost three children to “RH factor” acquired the Morton Liquor Agency, went through a divorce, and wrote and staged the “Morton Follies” that had: “…lines that were a mite to racy for the tender ears of Morton.” Really? A town full of loggers? Huh.

Via E-Mail
Excerpt from Gracie Hansen Presents Barry Ashton’s “A Night In Paradise.” Image courtesy Paul.
Excerpt from Gracie Hansen Presents Barry Ashton’s “A Night In Paradise.” Image courtesy Paul.
Excerpt from Gracie Hansen Presents Barry Ashton’s “A Night In Paradise.” Image courtesy Paul.

21 Responses to “Seattle World’s Fair Stimulus Package 1962”

  1. Jonathan S says:

    Well this is weird – I’m wearing that white tux number today at work. It’s slimming!

  2. Colin says:

    Is that obvious wardrobe malfunction in the first shot accidental? (:o

  3. Sam says:

    OMG! That brochure is fabulous!

  4. carol smith says:

    i am doing a little history on Gracie Hansen who came to Portland to run the Hoyt Hotel, ran for Mayor in about 1966 and who came from Morton Washington.
    where can i learn more about her?

  5. Scott Burke says:

    She ran for governor of Oregon. When declaring her candidacy she said “I’ve had my eye on Tom McCall’s seat for a long time”.

  6. Hi, My name is Linda Trimble, it was Linda Rasor. I was surfing the internet yesterday looking for Barry Ashton. Much to my surprise there was Vintage Seattle worlds fair, guess what, I was in that show! Yes I’m still kicking like I was back then. It sure brought back memories. I was a showgirl, if you look at the picture I was to the left of the screen with the long mirrored dress

  7. Cliffe says:

    Wow, cool! Thanks for sharing, Linda.

  8. Hi, Linda again! I was so exited about seeing this wesite I forgot to share some other information. The first picture with the spiked headress was me. The name of the 1st routine was called “Women from Mars” Gosh, what memories it brought back. Yesterday I got out the brochure, newspaper clippings, napkins everything! I, remembered how uncomfortable that headress was. It was so heavy and boy it scratched the ears not to mention it ruined your hairdo for the “Salute to Siegfeld” routine. I often wonder what ever happened to the others. I still remember Monica Lind, a gal named Cherokee, and Hazel Briton I roomed with her at a downtown hotel and still remember how cold, rainey, and windy it always was. I know Monica went to Vegas after that as did I, she married some famous bullfighter. Ironicaly he died in a auto accident and was not speared to death by a bull. Also, the 2nd picture was me , I failed to mention that because it was a ugly shade of orange and I had Dyed black hair. In retospect it kinda looked like “Holoween”. If Cliff reads this please Post another comment, I will be checking again on Monday. Or anyone else please, I would love sharing with you. Bye for now, Linda.

  9. Cliffe says:

    Hi Linda,
    Are you able to scan the items you mentioned?

  10. Hi Cliffe, as you can tell I’m computer challenged. I wouldn’t even begin to know how to scan these item’s. However, I would be happy to send you copies of the original brochures of the “Gracie Hansen Nightclub”, The Original program with the Production Numbers and cast members, plus other memrobilia. All I would need is to know where to send them. If you have p.o. box number or an address where to send I would get right on it. I will be looking for your response. Bye for now, Linda

  11. Rob says:

    Hi Linda,
    I am doing a research paper on Gracie Hansen and her show and would love to see any memorabilia you might have. I could send you an email with my address and could reimburse you for copying/shipping expense.

  12. Rachel says:

    I stumbled on this in the wee hours of the morning here in Portland. I have heard of this show and the others she had straight from the horses mouth. Gracie married my grandfather Thomas Cooper. I remember her quit well even though she passed when I was about 10. I even still have one of her tiaras, alittle beaten but still together. I hope you find everything your looking for.

  13. Erich says:

    Hi, I have a red pinback with”Gracie Hansen,Democrat,For Governor”. It has a faux diamond and a Apple with a bite out of it. I found the information on Ms. Hansen very interesting. Linda,those must be wonderful memories. Best, Erich

  14. Steve says:

    I went to school in Portland with her two sons. Her house in Irvington district was decorated very elaborately – red velvet etc. We weren’t sure what to think about her. She had a reptation as a burlesque queen

  15. Don says:

    Hi everyone. I am working on a play about Gracie, whom I believe has NOT been given due at all. If there is anyone out there that would like to share stories as well as memorabilia…that would be great!

  16. I am part of a team of film makers who are currently beginning pre production on a documentary film about Gracie. We are looking for anyone who might have any kind of stories about her or her productions, from the Morton Follies to beyond the World’s Fair. Linda, we would love to talk to you, are you still in the Northwest? Linda and Rachel and anyone else who might have something to contribute, please contact us by way of a comment on our new production blog or you can email me directly @

  17. Tracy Topping says:


    This is so amazing. I cam across a costume designed by Lloyd Lambert and have been doing quite a bit of research. He apparently designed the costumes for all productions during the Seattle Worlds Fair.

    I am wondering if I sent you a picture of it, could you verify it was something worn?

    I know this is a long shot, thank you so much.

  18. says:


  19. Dear TRACY, I Just saw your post today. If still interested, I can verify picture if you send them to me. I live in Santa Monica now, My address is 1128 11th st.apt 104 Santa Monica, California. Please post on internet if get this post. Thanks, Linda

  20. Mike HowarthEnglishmans says:

    Dear Linda,
    If you are still wanting information on Barry Ashton, please let me know.
    Mike Howarth

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