Alki Point Lighthouse 1959

December 9th, 2009 @ 12:06 am by Cliffe | Sorted Historic Buildings |
Here it is, folks, the Alki Point Lighthouse. She was built in 1913, upgraded to more modern optics in the 1960′s, and still operates today.
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This meg+ high res shot was taken by Werner Lenggenhager in 1959. Click to up-res.
Photo of Alki lighthouse in West Seattle with flag, water, mountains, taken by Werner Lenggenhager, 1959. Image courtesy Washington State Digital Archives.

3 Responses to “Alki Point Lighthouse 1959”

  1. Kim Murphy says:

    This photo must have been shot prior to July 4th 1959 because it’s the 48 stars pattern. At first I thought it must have been 1958, because Alaska was added January 3, 1959, but the order to change the flag did not take effect until July 4th of 1959.

    So this is a historical rarity if it was shot in 1959, it was when there were 49 states and 48 stars on the flag!

  2. Blake Hunte says:

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