Chester Bros Grocer

December 16th, 2009 @ 12:12 am by Cliffe | Sorted Photo Exposure |
Frequent Vintage Seattle contributor Allen writes in with another fabulous Seattle related vintage photo t hat
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he purchased. This circa 1900 shot shows several grocery wagons lined up at the corner of 2nd and South Jackson. The current day street view has not changed much. You can hit Allen’s Flickr link or see below. Note that every single person (including the two young boys) in the photo is wearing a hat. Click for the high res. Thanks Allen!
Taken at the corner of 2nd Avenue S. and South Jackson St. in Seattle, Washington in what is known as Pioneer Square. both buildings still exist. The Cadillac Hotel was heavily damaged in the 2001 earthquake but was ultimately saved. This corner is now occupied by Zeitgeist Coffee. The flags mounted on the wagons appear to be 45 star American flags. The American flag had 45 stars from 1896-1908. Back of picture reads: Chester Bros Grocer – Seattle Washington. J. R. Grants horse driven “covers” front of W.P. Fuller Paints and Glass – next to Cadillac Hotel. Photo courtesy Allen. [Flickr link]

5 Responses to “Chester Bros Grocer”

  1. Colin says:

    That’s because back then, everybody had really bad hair :)

  2. Shannon C. says:

    What are the names of those hats with the deep groove in the middle and the brims curved up? I love those.

  3. Mr Magoo says:

    The picture must have been taken in July/August. All the windows on the hotel are open.

  4. Allen says:

    I took this modern day view of the same spot:

    Almost no difference in over 100 years.

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