Reframe: 16th Ave. S. and Spokane

March 10th, 2010 @ 12:29 am by Cliffe | Sorted Reframe |
This house’s loss in 1955 is our gain.
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It looks like it was cited that year for a building violation (lack of siding) so let’s grab the current day street view for a reframe.
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These days the Beacon Hill home does have siding and it may even be the same siding that was coming online in 1955. Click on the thumbnail for the high res copy.
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Beacon Hill home @ 16th Ave. S. and Spokane Street. June 15, 1955. Photograph courtesy Seattle Municipal Archives.
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6 Responses to “Reframe: 16th Ave. S. and Spokane”

  1. Now that’s a shame. I’d take that pinstripe look over the asbestos brick any day. And there seems to have been a landscaping rule back then that trees must be planted less than a foot from the foundations of a home. Who here has not had to chop down a camellia or cypress or holly that had grown to less than an axehead’s width of the foundation?

  2. litlnemo says:

    Some fake-brick siding salesman made the rounds on North Beacon Hill in the mid-50s, because a ton of the old bungalows got it right around that time. Our house included, dammit. We still aren’t sure if the real original clapboard exists on the house… it’s since been covered with aluminum siding over the fake brick. Someday we’ll have the money to get it back to what it once was, before the 50s.

  3. Cliffe says:

    A lot of Craftsmans turned to Crapsmans around this time.

  4. Shannon C. says:

    Ha, Cliffe, I like that!

  5. Joel says:

    Ha! I’m near here and have the same Beacon Bricks on my house. For whatever it’s worth I’ve noticed that they just went over the original siding so it’s still hiding under there somewhere.

  6. @litlnemo — Don’t wait! My neighbor peeled away all his fake siding and found that he had little diamond-shaped windows on either side of his fireplace, hidden since the Truman administration. They had been sheetrocked over on the inside. The glass was still in them. Discover YOUR hidden treasure today!*

    *All asbestos-based siding must be porperly disposed of in specially formulated HAZMAT bags available only from NASA.

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