Jensen’s U.W. Aerial

October 25th, 2010 @ 12:00 am by Cliffe | Sorted Photo Exposure |
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Jensen photograph. This time around he went upward for the aerial shot of University of Washington, I-5, Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, and Cascades.
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Click This aerial view to the east of Seattle shows the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge spanning Lake Washington. The Cascade Mountain Range forms the background while the University of Washington campus can be seen at the front. Color photo by Max R. Jensen.

4 Responses to “Jensen’s U.W. Aerial”

  1. TomK says:

    Wow…dig all that empty space on the Ship Canal Bridge!

  2. jim civarra says:

    Red Square and the buildings around it are all in place, but there is no upper deck yet on the north side of Husky Stadium. I think the picture is late 70s or early 80s.

  3. Ben Lukoff says:

    Looks like this was taken when Pacific Street still paralleled the Burke-Gilman west of the Ave. According to county records, the old alignment was vacated through East Campus in 1981, but the new alignment was established four years earlier. So what do we think: 1976 for the shot?

  4. joshuadf says:

    Rode through this today and there are a lot more trees today!

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