Home Of The Huskies Pt. 3

May 24th, 2011 @ 12:16 am by Cliffe | Sorted Photo Exposure |
This is the third in our series of “Home of the Huskies” postcards and the second aerial from Max R.
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Jensen. Click here for the first and here for the second.
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Which hardcore Husky fan can pin down a year on this one
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? Click below for the high res Husky goodness.
Click Beautifully situated on Lake Washington in Seattle is the modern Stadium of the University of Washington and the Hec Edmundson Pavilion, Home of the Huskies. Ektachrome by Max R. Jensen.

30 Responses to “Home Of The Huskies Pt. 3”

  1. Jana says:

    The parking lot! No one’s allowed to leave early – you’re stuck until everyone in front of you is gone! It reminds of my Playskool plastic play tiles all lined up on a plastic peg board. http://www.etsy.com/listing/63069115/reduced-1970-playskool-educational-play

  2. jim civarra says:

    No big Montlake parking lot north of Hec Ed. No evidence yet of the UW hospital and golf course running along the Montlake cut. This has to be sometime in the 1950s.

  3. John M says:

    Wikipedia says the upper deck on the south side was built in 1950 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Husky_Stadium). This page describes the golf course and says it started to be eaten up by the Medical School and hospital in 1947 but the last few holes remained until “the early 60s” (http://www.washington.edu/alumni/columns/march99/back_pages0399.html). So that doesn’t narrow it any more than Jim’s estimate of “the 50s”.

  4. John M says:

    Here are some home movies apparently taken on the golf course right next to the Montlake Bridge. In the second one you can see the stadium through the trees.


  5. E. O. Pederson says:

    The picture could have been as late as the latter 1960s, for the golf course was still operating in 1966.

  6. John M says:

    The pedestrian bridge over Montlake Blvd. at Hec Ed Pavilion is not there yet in the photo. If any reader passes by it and can look for a plaque indicating when it was built that might help narrow it down. Because of course determining the date of this photo is our highest priority for the day :)

  7. Dan says:

    As much as I can’t stand the Huskies, I have to admit that this is the most beautiful football stadium EVER! (Go Cougs!)

  8. Tom says:

    I’d say late 50′s to early 60′s. A friend and I knew well the trees in the middle of the green space to the south of the stadium. We built a small tree house in the top of one of the center cedars. They feel a bit small in this picture. We built it about 1969-70. That’s one reason you go to college.

  9. jim civarra says:

    1966 is too late. I was a freshman in 65-66 and the big Montlake parking lot (unpaved at that time) was operating by then.

  10. E. O. Pederson says:

    Not to press a fairly unimportant point too far, the frame of the picture does not include the area once a garbage dump and now the Montlake parking lot north of Edmundson Pavilion or the footbridge from the campus to the Pavilion (which I think was constructed at about the same time the buildings was). The baseball diamond at the left (north) edge is now tennis courts, and there are a number of newer buildings, but there is little to suggest the picture could not have been taken in the mid to late 1960s.

  11. jim civarra says:

    I went back to my 65-66 Tyee and found an aerial shot of the stadium taken from the east during the 1965 football season. By this time, University Hospital was using the southwest “corner” of Pacific Avenue and Montlake Boulevard (behind the three or four small, low buildings) for parking, and the little triangle block north of Pacific was not being used for parking at all. And by the fall of ’65 that sandy area behind the line of trees on the south side of Pacific had turned into the hospital entrance and more parking. All of that, plus the high number of two-tone cars in the picture, points to mid- to late-50s.

  12. jim civarra says:

    Also found a little article in an old UW Alumni Association “Columns” magazine about the golf course shown in the picture. Check out the last sentence of the article: http://www.washington.edu/alumni/columns/march99/back_pages0399.html

  13. Brian says:

    The track was converted to an all-weather surface and the field was converted to Astroturf in 1968. This looks like a cinder track and a grass field, so pre-1968 for sure.

  14. Marty Dawg says:

    Due to the IMA not being there, it’s pre-1967. The slight addition above the original bowl is not there, which was added in ’63-64. I’d guess that the coach was either Darrell Royal or a young Jim Owens!

  15. Andreas says:

    As E. O. Pederson pointed out, the ped bridge at Hec Ed is out of frame in this shot, but since some folks were wondering whether or not it was around at this point, I figured I’d mention that as far as I can tell (based on old Daily Times articles), the Pavilion ped bridge was built in 1938 and partially funded by the Public Works Administration. (A bridge was proposed and partially funded by the city in ’35, but the PWA fell through on matching funds.) The other two ped bridges north of the Hec Ed bridge weren’t built until 1958, when the huge Montlake (E1) parking lot was created.

  16. paul says:

    1962. Almost certain. My reasoning, there were many aerial photos taken of Seattle in conjunction with the Worlds Fair. Plus, the grounds look totally like the early 60′s, and others have given clues to the track, etc. There was also a minor addition to the north grandstands in 1969 which is not in this view.

  17. paul says:

    Regardless if we can find the actual date, one thing to be noted is this is a beautiful pic, and one that will become even more special as Husky Stadium is about to be re-made again. The south grandstands, circa 1950, will be torn down in the next year. Good ridance. (However, I guess I will miss the shaking when the fans got riled up!) The stadium will have a completely new look in 2013, and this will be among the biggest changes to Husky Stadium in its history. Go Dawgs!

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