What is roti prata?

Paratha is a North Indian vernacular but down South, paratha is commonly known as “parotta” or Roti prata. This is prevalent in all of South but mostly concentrated in a place in Tamil Nadu knows as Chennai (old Madras). Many of the people from this region migrated to Singapore and Malaysia where the tradition prevailed. […]


Celebrate your Diwali with clipart images

People decorate their homes on Diwali event. Diwali flowers are very trendy and getting popularity these days. You can decorate your offices and homes with silk flowers and give a unique look to the surroundings. These are offering you exclusively are unique style of latest style exclusive shades in diverse colors and out class collection. […]


Steubenville, Ohio: The City Of Murals

Steeped in rich tradition in history, Steubenville sits quietly on the banks of the Ohio River. The county seat of Jefferson County is also known as the City of Murals. Over 25 stunning murals can be found on Ohio’s Cookie Capital and Downtown area alone. Steubenville is also home to attractions such as Old Fort […]

Featured Home Improvement

7 reasons why you must hire interior designers for your dream home!

As a prospective homeowner, you are probably wondering if you should seek professional help for designing your dream house. Your home is easily the most expensive and important investment of your life, and you would want nothing but the best. With abundance of free material and resources at disposal online, why would you spend on […]


Is Your Warehouse Racking System Safe? 

Warehouse owners are often so focused on maximizing the space they have available that they fail to consider whether or not their warehouse space is a safe space. While boosting space is vital for the bottom line, providing a safe working environment is actually more important. It is definitely something you should be devoting time […]