What is roti prata?

Paratha is a North Indian vernacular but down South, paratha is commonly known as “parotta” or Roti prata. This is prevalent in all of South but mostly concentrated in a place in Tamil Nadu knows as Chennai (old Madras). Many of the people from this region migrated to Singapore and Malaysia where the tradition prevailed. […]


Enjoy Mumbai with your Bae

Are you running short for your next date idea with your Bae? We know how tiring it sounds like knocking the same restaurant or watching the same movie twice. Amidst the hustles and bustles of routine life, it is quite difficult to spare some alone time with your Bae. And when you have some of […]


Practical Ways To Naturally Calm Your Dog

Keeping your pet dog calm is no easy task. While there can be noticeable differences between humans and our canine companions. Dogs can also exhibit the same social behavior and emotions, take for example worrying. As humans, we can understand how frustrating it is to experience such thing as anxiousness. We cope up with it […]

Featured Home Improvement

7 reasons why you must hire interior designers for your dream home!

As a prospective homeowner, you are probably wondering if you should seek professional help for designing your dream house. Your home is easily the most expensive and important investment of your life, and you would want nothing but the best. With abundance of free material and resources at disposal online, why would you spend on […]