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The Smart Air Conditioning Repair for You


Everyone who has air conditioning at home knows perfectly well that cleaning the device is indispensable. Neglecting this activity may be dangerous for health for both adults and children. Fortunately, you can use home-made ways to refresh the air conditioner. Advice on how to do it step by step, how to mangle climate and what to use for this purpose can be found later in the article.If you’re looking for more advice, it’s best to check what else you need to know about home air conditioning.

Cleaning the air conditioning at home

Cleaning the air conditioning at home is the basis for the proper functioning of each device. The air conditioner is exposed to the collection of debris by continuous air exchange. Dust, fungi, dust and other bacteria in the air get into the heat exchangers and settle in the device. Similarly happens in portable air conditioning. With the proper LK Brothers aircon chemical overhaul this is a really important deal now.

The most important element of any air conditioning system is the filter. It collects the most pollutants. When cleaning the device, first turn it off, remove the cover and gently pull out the filter. Then the element must be washed under running water with the addition of, for example, dish soap or soap. We do the same with the drip tray. At the end, wipe the dust with a cloth where it is possible.

It is worth investing in a chemical agent. It should be noted that it will not be harmful to children. The use of the preparation will allow the air-conditioning to be kept clean for longer. It is also important to take care of cleanliness in the room where the air conditioner is located. First of all, we talk about the floor. There, the most dust accumulates , which, together with the air movement, falls into the air-conditioning system. It happens that it is necessary to mop the home air conditioning.

How to mangle climate – proven methods

Cleaning the air conditioning system is not always enough. The system must be disinfected from time to time. Moisture formed in the device leads to the formation of allergens, which may have a detrimental effect on health. The decontamination will kill all bacteria and improve the comfort of use.

Moisture formed in the air conditioner favors the formation of mycelium. In this situation, an unpleasant odor is noticeable. So it is very important to regularly clean the home air conditioning. The air conditioning service is therefore the basic activity that should be performed min. once a year.

Self-cleaning split air conditioning

Split air conditioning consists of 2 units (external and internal), i.e. condenser and evaporator. It is characterized by quiet operation. The condenser is usually located outside the room in which the air conditioner is located. However, the place of the evaporator with the control electronics is inside the room.

Maintenance is also required for the condenser. The cooler is the most important here. Pollutants in the form of leaves, dust or sand are sucked into the cooler with air. Every now and then you have to check this part of the condenser. Chemicals based on acids and bases are designed for cleaning the device. Spraying creates foam that removes impurities. Just rinse it with water.